"Christie's World"

 Christie’s  World is a depiction of a single mother in a big city. Although  surrounded by the hard, fast paced society of New York, she never looses  the quality of being a gracious woman. Even though life in the Big  Apple can become disheartening at times, Christie remains alive with an  inner peace that’s fueled by the possessions she holds most precious. At  first glance, the setting in this painting may seem to be a normal  subway ride. But as one looks closer, you’ll notice that everything in  print is symbolic of

“Christie’s World.”

•    The  picture of Vangoh’s sunflowers and the self-portrait that appears in  both newspapers reveals her warm appreciation for the artist and his  works. The bandaged ear of Vincent displays her deep understanding for  all the internal suffering he experienced.
•     The image of the Ballerina shows Christie’s profession as a successful  dancer that is clearly seen in the beauty of her posture, legs, pulled  back hair, and the placement of her classically trained hands.
•     Despite being raised in the Bronx, Christie loves country life and  dreams of one day owning a house next to a brook overlooking the  mountains.
•     The bottle of Champaign on the left hand side is indicative of her  taste for the finer things in life; and yet, the emptiness of the object  reveals her none dependence on such things to bring her happiness.

Aside from the love she has for Art, Dance, & Nature, her true source of strength
and  happiness lies within her Daughter and undying faith in God. She’s  wholeheartedly devoted in serving both. As Michelangelo sculpted David’s  hands larger than life because of the manly deed he accomplished over  Goliath, Christie likewise fulfills the Goliath like task of caring for  her daughter in a mans world with the aid of David’s God,

Regardless  of what her surroundings may be, we’re drawn to her inner beauty and  impartiality. Although the reality of this system is unavoidable,  Christie neither lives in denial nor lays swoon. No… she simply chooses  to see things that exists in:
“Christie’s World.”

The Pumpkin?
 Only the Artist knows the answer to that question.

 I dedicate this website to my mother Josefina who loved and supported me unconditionally in my passion to paint.